Amith Polineni

Engineer | Programmer | Web-designer


I'm just a high-schooler saving the world, one robot at a time.



image As I envision my future, I am wholeheartedly committed to pursuing a career as a Mechatronics Engineer. The world of robotics captivates me, encompassing my passion for mechanical design, electrical components, and programming. With its harmonious integration of these disciplines, mechatronics represents the ideal industry for me to thrive and excel in.


image I'm passionate about web development, finding joy in honing my skills and creating visually appealing, responsive designs. Programming presents enjoyable challenges akin to puzzles, where I excel at finding efficient solutions. Additionally, I'm captivated by the world of server (connecting microcontrollers to the internet to controll literally anything).


image Recently, I have developed a profound passion for ethics, finding fulfillment in exploring moral principles, values, and engaging in ethical discussions. This journey has not only ignited my passion but also provided valuable insights that contribute to my growth as a better leader.


Hours Volunteered



3 normal languages (English, Spanish, Telugu) and 6 Programing languages (Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C++)



I have created 6 websites (including this one) and actively maintain most of them - more are on the way!


Team Tiny House

image image image image At Team Tiny House, we research, design, and construct sustainable tiny houses. I’m the co-president of the team and bridge the gap between the various engineering sub-teams. With all the hours I’ve put into this project, I would consider myself an expert in residential construction.

Botball Robotics

image image image image I’m currently the co-president of my Botball Robotics team, where we gather every January to design, construct, and compete a robot in the annual international Botball Robotics competition. Robotics is one of my biggest passions, and this team is the perfect place to pursue it. Website

Assistive Technology

image image image image At Assistive Technology Club, we build accessible HTML games for elementary schoolers with disabilities such as limited motor skills or muteness. Also, we spread awareness on how to make digital technology more accessible for everyone. Website

Ethics Bowl

image image image image I’m a passionate member of the Ethics Bowl team at my school. We discuss complicated moral situations and use proven frameworks to definitively answer controversial questions. I love the collaborative nature of our discussions: we put personal egos aside to find the right answer together. Website